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So, this is really going to happen

I fell in love with this house the very first time I looked through the front door window and saw the staircase. Somehow on that fateful day I managed to not see the huge amount of hoarding that was happening to the immediate left of the newel post; those spindles and original wood panels were blindingly beautiful. This simply started out with me not wanting to have an eyesore down the street from my house and ended up an obsession.

Every time I drove past "Connie" (yes I gave the house a nickname) I couldn't help but notice all of the broken windows that were letting the elements in to destroy her. I knew I had to do something. I'm not an architect, contractor, or house flipper. How does a guy who works in parking enforcement save a house? I'm not sure yet. My plan is to learn as I go along, but I'll bring you up to speed on everything I've done so far.

The first step for me to save Connie was to reach out to everyone I know to see what they co…

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